10 Best Wetsuit Hoods – The Ultimate Guide For Maximizing Comfort and Protection

What’s fun when you get on the water with your wetsuit, gloves and booties without protecting your head from cold? The best wetsuit hoods are vital for keeping both your head and ears warm while preventing sunburn and discomfort at the same time.

 The best hoods act like extensions of your wetsuit, protecting your head and neck from the temperature drop that can turn your adventure session into a teeth-chattering escapade. They also protect you from sunburn even if water has wiped away your sunscreen.

But with all the different varieties of wetsuit hoods out there, choosing the best wetsuit hoods that will banish goosebumps while you shred the waves in complete comfort is not easy. But our experts who have used a lot of them have recommended some of the best ones for you in this blog post.

Best Wetsuit Hoods

In some situations, like in the summer, you may not find wetsuit hoods necessary if you use sunscreen appropriately, but when the water and wind become cold, you will need one. When you need one, you want to go for the best wetsuit hoods for maximum coverage.

Our experts have selected a few of the best wetsuit hoods for you and here they are:

The best wetsuit hoods

1. O’Neill Psycho 1.5mm/3mm Hood

Crafted from top-quality neoprene material, O’Neill Psycho hoods are among the best wetsuit hoods our experts have tested and okayed. The good thing is that these hoods have further been redesigned with O’Neill’s Technobutter Firewall which provides better warmth and comfort.

The hood has also been equipped with a built-in visor and adjustable CINCH, allowing you to perform in the most extreme elements and the coldest temperatures. The hood comes in two thicknesses including 1.5mm and 3mm.

Why We Love Them

  • Premium neoprene material
  • 1.5mm and 3mm thickness
  • Warm
  • O’Neill TechnoButter Firewall technology
  • Adjustable Chinch for best fit
  • Smooth skin exterior
  • Built-in visor
  • Durable

2. Neoprene Wetsuit Scuba Diving Hood for Men Woman

Uniquely designed for a comfortable fit, the LIXUFRHK wetsuit hood is made from premium neoprene material. The hood comes in 5/3mm to lock your body temperature and prevent heat dissipation in cold water. The hood is flexible and super comfortable to wear.

With a unique design, you can easily put it on and off, It offers not only warmth but also protection against elements such as UV rays. The glue and blind stitch of the hood makes it durable and not easy to tear.

Why We Love It

  • Premium 5/3mm neoprene  material
  • Warm
  • Comfortable fit
  • Easy on and off
  • Highly elastic
  • Durable
  • Unisex
  • Protection against elements
  • Perfect for varieties of water sports

3. Wetsuit Hood 3mm Thermal Neoprene

Perfect for different water sports activities, the Dizokizo wetsuit hood is an amazing hood designed for comfort and performance. It is made of 3mm premium and eco-friendly neoprene and nylon. The hood is designed to preserve heat and keep you warm while having fun on or in water.

This hood is glued and blind stitched to reduce irritation and ensure maximum comfort, durability and minimal water entry. Its flow vent lets bubbles escape through the top of the hood without allowing water exchange. It is also designed to cling to your face without causing discomfort.

Why We Love It

  • Premium eco-friendly neoprene and nylon material
  • Super warm 3mm hood
  • Glued and blind stitched seams
  • Lessen water penetration
  • Comfortable and easy to wear and put off
  • Integrated vent that allows bubbles to escape without allowing water exchange
  • Protective

4. Skyone Neoprene Wetsuit Hood Scuba Diving Hood 3MM 5MM for Men Women

Available in 3mm and 5mm, the Skyone neoprene wetsuit hood is a multi-purpose hood designed to protect you and keep you warm. Comfortable and easy to put on and off, these hoods are unlike some other hoods on the market as they are made of premium neoprene material.

Integrating an air vent that lets bubbles escape through the top without allowing the exchange of water, these hoods are the real deal. They protect you from UV and other elements such as sea lice. The fit in the hood limits water exchange, keeping warmth constant as you smash the waves.

Why We Love It

  • Premium 3mm and 5mm neoprene materials
  • Warm
  • Protection against elements Unisex
  • Comfortable
  • Flow vent for bubbles to escape without allowing water exchange
  • Highly elastic and durable

5. SARHILO Neoprene Wetsuit Hood 3MM for Men Women

High stretch with excellent recovery SARHILO neoprene wetsuit hood is a 3mm hood made from premium neoprene material that locks your body temperature, preventing heat dissipation in cold water. It is warm and provides you with protection against UV and sea creatures like jellies, coral and sea lice.

With its smooth flat seam, it offers superior strength and durability. It is stretchy, making it easy to get in and out. The seams prevent constant water exchange allowing the temperature of your body to be stable. Its air vent also allows for bubbles to escape without any water exchange in the process.

Why We Love It

  • Premium 3mm neoprene
  • Maximum warmth and protection
  • Stretchy and easy to get in and out
  • Smooth flat seam for superior strength
  • Durable
  • Unisex
  • Air vent

6 Yonsub Diving Hood – 3MM 5MM for Men Women

Made from premium neoprene and nylon, the Yonsub hood is an excellently crafted hood for various water sports. Easy to put on and off, the hood is stretchable and doesn’t allow restriction while you go about your water escapade. The vent on the hood lets bubbles out without allowing water to sip in or out.

It is available in both 3mm and 5mm thicknesses. It is comfortable and does its job of providing warmth and protection. Unfortunately, you need to get the sizing right because it runs small.

Why We Love It

  • Premium 3mm and 5mm neoprene
  • No odor
  • Warm
  • Stretchy and comfortable
  • Glued and blind stitched seams
  • Unisex

7. OCTO 3mm Hood

Designed from Yamamoto Japanese Neoprene renowned for exceptional quality and performance, the OCTO hood offers superior flexibility, insulation and buoyancy. With the coating on the neoprene, the hood features hydrophobic properties while also repelling water and wind effectively.

This wetsuit hood helps retain body temperature and its smooth surface reduces dragging. It features visor protection which shields you against glare while also deflecting water to ensure clear vision.

Why We Love It

  • Premium Japanese neoprene with exceptional quality
  • Stretchy
  • Warm
  • Smooth coating with hydrophobic features.
  • Water and wind-repelling features
  • Dries quickly
  • Durable
  • Visor protection

8. Cressi Adult Unisex Neoprene Diving Hood 5mm Thick

Cressi is a brand known for quality and the manufacturer delivered a nice job in this wetsuit hood. Made from high-stretch neoprene with 5mm thickness, you are sure of warmth and protection whenever you put on this wetsuit hood.

It also has a vent that releases the air trapped in the hood without allowing the exchange of water. The hood is designed in Italy and made in China. If you need warmth and comfort, this is the hood for you. However, you may need to size up as the hood runs small.

Why We Love It

  • 5mm premium neoprene material
  • Comfortable
  • Warm
  • Stretchable
  • Hanging loop
  • Unisex

9. Sharkskin Titanium 2 Chillproof Hood

Sharkskin Titanium 2 Chillproof Hood is a hood designed to provide you with warmth with its Titanium Far Infrared nano-technology. If you are looking for the best insulation, this is where you can get it. The hood is flexible with maximum overlap with your wetsuit.

Versatile and perfect for different water sports activities such as surfing, diving, kayaking and sailing, the hood is buoyant and odor-resistant. It is designed for durability and comfort. You also get abrasion-resistant alongside water-repellent outer.

Why We Love It

  • Titanium Far Infrared nano-technology for warmth
  • Water repellent
  • Best insulation
  • Hollow fiber fleece
  • Odor-resistant
  • Stylish and modern appearance
  • Versatile for different water sports
  • Super durable

10. AKONA 2.5mm Quantum Stretch Hood

Not only does the AKONA hood offer you warmth but also protection from the elements. The 2.5mm stretchy wetsuit hood is comfortable and stretchy, making it easier to don and doff. With its simple design, nothing will irritate your skin.

Why We Love It

  • 2.5mm quantum stretch hood
  • Warm even in cold water as low as 60 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Comfortable
  • Protection
  • Durable

Importance Of The Best Wetsuit Hoods

Wetsuit hoods are as important as wetsuits, gloves and booties. They offer a lot of features needed during water sports adventures. Here are some of the importance:

  1. Insulation: Keeps the head warm in cold water to prevent hypothermia.
  2. Protection: Shields the head from wind, sun, and debris.
  3. Buoyancy and Stability: Aids in buoyancy control and stability in the water.
  4. Water Entry Prevention: Minimizes water entry into the wetsuit, maintaining warmth.
  5. Sun Protection: Guards against harmful UV rays.
  6. Comfort: Provides a snug fit for comfort and freedom of movement.

Types Of Wetsuit Hoods

There are two main types of wetsuit hoods including cap and hood.

1. Cap

The cap protects your ears and head. It usually comes with a chin strap to help you secure it in place. If you notice your head is feeling chilled, this cap is perfect for you. Although it has less coverage than the hood, it is beneficial for trapping heat to keep your head warm in cold water.

If you do not like a hood because of the possible hassle of putting it on, a cap is a great option.

2. Hood

Hoods offer protection for your neck, ears and head. Hoods are mostly designed to tuck into your wetsuit. Hoods are the best options when you are in the coldest water environment to keep you warm. They complement your wetsuit, gloves and booties to provide you with optimal warmth and protection.

With wetsuit hoods, you can’t be plagued with brain freezes as you enjoy your water adventure.

Wetsuit Hood Thickness Guide

Water Temperature (°F)Water Temperature (°C)Recommended Hood Thickness
64°F – 72°F18°C – 22°CNo Hood (Optional 1.5mm Cap for Extra Warmth)
62°F – 68°F16°C – 20°C2mm – 3mm
58°F – 63°F14°C – 17°C3mm
52°F – 58°F11°C – 14°C3mm – 5mm
43°F – 52°F6°C – 11°C5mm – 6mm
Below 42°FBelow 6°C6mm+

Best Wetsuit Hoods Materials and Construction

Wetsuit hoods are made with different materials but some are more common than others. Here are the materials used in wetsuit hoods:

  1. Neoprene: Neoprene is one of the most common materials used in hoods. It is less fragile but doesn’t block wind.
  2. Smooth skin: This is a material that blocks wind and doesn’t absorb water. Unfortunately, you need to be cautious with it because it is fragile.

Features Of The Best Wetsuit Hoods

When choosing a wetsuit hood, it’s all about staying warm, comfortable, protected and performing at your best in the water. Here are the key features to look out for:

1. Thickness

This unswervingly impacts warmth. Refer to the above wetsuit hood thickness guide to choose the right one for your water conditions (see previous table).

2. Neck Closure

  • Cinch Cord: Provides a snug, adjustable fit to minimize water entry, ideal for most conditions.
  • Velcro: Offers quick and easy closure, good for warmer water or frequent hood removal.

3. Face Shield Options

  • Detachable Face Shield: Balances warmth with breathability, allowing removal when not needed.
  • Full Face Shield: Maximum protection for very cold water or activities with constant spray (kitesurfing).

4. Breathability Panels

Strategically placed panels allow moisture vapor to escape, reducing fogging and stuffiness, ideal for high-exertion activities.

5. Seams

Look for flatlocks or minimal seams to minimize water entry and irritation.

6. Air Vent

An air vent is important in the hood to let air bubbles escape. Without an air vent, you may not feel comfortable with the amount of air that will be trapped in the hood.

7. Durability

Consider reinforced stitching and high-quality neoprene for long-lasting performance. Some hoods also offer extras like chin guards, key loops, or pockets for added comfort or functionality.

Wetsuit Cap Vs. Hood

FeatureWetsuit CapWetsuit Hood
CoverageHead a part of the ear onlyHead, neck, and ears
WarmthLess warmthMore warmth
Water EntryMore prone to water entryMinimizes water entry
Ease of UseEasier to put on and take offMore involved in putting on and taking off
MovementMore freedom of movementMay restrict head movement slightly
BreathabilityMore breathableMay be less breathable, especially with a full face shield
Ideal ConditionsMild to cool waterCold water
ActivitiesSurfing, kayaking (calm water)Surfing, diving, kayaking (rough water)

The Bottom Line On The Best Wetsuit Hoods

If you are looking for the best wetsuit hoods, there you have them. While wetsuits may not be necessary in all situations, they are perfect for cold waters. They protect you and provide you with warmth that completes the warmth provided by gloves, wetsuits and booties.

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